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Venezuela - Fanny Tours & Adventures
   Venezuela, impressively rich in natural beauty, provides a wide range of travel opportunities for both those who are looking to relax as well as for the active adventurer. The country offers a delightful combination of traditional cultures and natural wonders, backed up by facilities and services aimed at serving the needs and desires of foreign visitors. The country has various national airlines offering air service to many of it’s cities. The country is made even more accessible by an extensive road network.



  From the extensive Caribbean coast to the Northern Amazon; from South America’s second largest river, the Orinoco, to the Northern Andes; from the vast wildlife rich plains to the unique geological area known as the “Gran Sabana”, the possibilities for a marvelous and unforgettable trip are very real. A kaleidoscope of exotic landscapes, people and wildlife is yours for the learning and enjoying. To mention a few details, the Northern Andes offer impressive peaks and beautiful mountain valleys. The legendary Amazon Jungle controls the south of Venezuela, where the headwaters of the Orinoco are found. A large central portion of the country is the seemingly endless plains, of exceptional beauty and of particular interest to naturalists and birdwatchers, due to the area’s rich array of tropical wildlife. The “Gran Sabana” is in the southeast of the country, a unique land of unusual natural formations called “tepuis”, huge mesas or flat-topped mountains that loom more than 1000 meters above rolling savannas. The tepui tops are noted for bizarre landscapes and peculiar endemic flora. This is also a land of beautiful waterfalls, including the world’s highest, Angel Falls, which plummets an incredible 979 meters from Auyan Tepui, one of the approximately 100 tepuis scattered in Venezuela.
In practical terms, Venezuela is a relatively safe and friendly country in which to travel, with a wide choice of lodging and eating facilities as well as tourist oriented services. Fast and efficient domestic transportation is readily available, thus facilitating your including multiple destinations in the trip itinerary. Venezuela also sports South America’s cheapest air links with both Europe and the USA, resulting in an additional reason to not miss getting to know this beautiful corner of planet earth!

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