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We organize hiking tours in the two National Parks surrounding the mountains of Merida: Sierra Nevada National Park and Sierra de la Culata National Park.

Santo Cristo Lake (2 day excursion)
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Laguna Santo Cristo is the biggest glacier lake in the Sierra Nevada National Park. We leave on the way to the mountain village of Gavidia passing through the typical villages of Cacute, Mucuruba, and Mucuchies. In Gavidia we start our trek, and as we hike through the paramo region (the high country made up of mountains and valleys), the panorama offers us lakes, rivers and frailejones (a typical plant of the high Andes).

Los Nevados (3 day excursion)
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Our Los Nevados tour is one of the most popular mountain tours, as it is possible to do it with all the family. In just 3 days we pass through different landscapes. Los Nevados is a charming mountain village nestled in the middle of the Sierra Nevada National Park at an altitude of 2700 m. The village is separated from Merida by the highest mountains in Venezuela.

Pico Pan de Azúcar (2-3 day excursion)

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Sierra de la Culata National Park is particularly noted for its desert-like highland landscapes. You will be greeted with incredible mountain views. Weird and wonderful frailejones (espeletia), sparkling waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and streams, mountain lakes, the destination peak with its sandy cone shaped summit and a scenery that brings to mind lunar landscapes ...

Cara del Indio (4 day excursion)

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Standing at the door of out office and looking north-east to the Parque Nacional Sierra de la Culata mountains, you will see LA CARA DEL INDIO (the Indian Face). Our tour to the region of La Cara del Indio lasts 4 days. It’s a loop that will pass just behind the big rocks of La Cara del Indio. This is a little-known but magical hike...

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