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Rafting in Baniras (2 day excursion)

White Water Rafting in Barinas, Rio Acequia.
Our trip starts in jeep, winding our way up the main valley to the north of Merida to work our way over the Andes! Coming out of the foothills we find ourserves in Barinas, where the Andes meet Los Llanos (the plains). On the way up we pass through some typical Andean villages. We will see the famous stone church of San Rafael de Mucuchies, and the lake Laguna Mucubaji at the 3500mts (by the highest point we pass).
From here the drive continues downhill through paramo (moorland) scenery first and then cloud forest, to arrive finally in Barinas, where we will enjoy a typical lunch.




  In the early afternoon we reach our camp on the edge of the river known as "Rio Acequia". After a short briefing session where we receive mecessary instructions from our qualified piltos, we are ready to run the rapids of Rio Acequia and raft down the river for 7 kilometers. The rapids we will meet have a degree of dificulty from 3 to 4. After a good dinner we spend the night at the camp sleeping in beds.
  The second day we drive up to another river known as "Rio Siniguis", an affluent of Rio Acequia, and we are ready for a new adventure. We raft down these two rives for more then 14 kilometers, finding exciting rapids of grade 4 and more. After so much adrenaline and so much fun we deserve a good, hearty meal back at the camp. In the afternoon we drive back to Merida.

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