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Páramo - Lag. Negra (1 day excursion)
  This is a popular and easy tour that allows you to enjoy a lot of the surrounding sights and countryside in just one day.
  We visit by jeep the region to the north of Merida. Highlights include the villages of Mucuchies and Apartaderos, as well as the famous stone church at San Rafael de Mucuchies built by the popular local artist Juan Felix Sanchez. We visit the mountain lakes of Laguna Mucubaji and Laguna Negra at an altitude of 3500mts, where we enjoy a nice mountain hike of more or less 2 hours.
Afterwards we stop at the biological station at Mifafi, where the condors were reintroduced in the Venezuelan Andes, with the possibility of greeting Combatiente, a condor that lives here in a big cage, due to his being too used to people to be able to live in freedom.


   The highest point we reach during this tour is at the pass of Pico El Aguila at an altitude of 4000 mts. Along the way there are breathtaking views and we will enjoy the typical paramo scenery (paramo refers to the highlands made up of mountains and valleys). The paramo has unique types of vegetation that are found between the upper limit of continuous, closed-canopy forests and the highest altitudes where plant life is still able to survive, that is characterized by tussock grasses, large rosette plants, evergreen shrubs with coriaceous and sclerophyllous leaves, and cushion plants. This type of vegetation is scattered along the crests of the highest mountain ranges or on isolated mountaintops between about 3000 mts and 5000 mts. The Venezuelan Paramos are rich in Frailejones (Espeletia), an unusual plant unique to the Andes, characterized by velvety-soft light-colored leafs.

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