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Tierra Negra - Paragliding (1/2 day excursion)
Option 1: Tandem Paragliding Flight (1/2 day excursion)
  Are you ready for a big adventure? ...come with us to fly like a condor gliding silently through the Venezuelan Andes.
  Our team of experienced paragliding instructors will make your dream of flying a reality without the need of any experience. After a one hour jeep trip through mountain and arid landscapes we arrive in Tierra Negra, the take off place. You will fly tandem with a pilot in his glider. The flight will give you an unforgettable sense of freedom, tranquility and safety. Average time in the air: 30 minutes. Tierra Negra has a top to bottom altitude difference of 900 meters.



Option 2: Paragliding Course for Beginners (one week)
Learn to paraglide in the Venezuelan Andes!
  Paragliding is a fun sport that has evolved from parachuting. It’s an efficient way to fly without the need of a noisy engine. Paragliding is flying in a pure forme.
Here in Merida we have optimal weather conditions and training facilities for learning the art of free flight all year round. The one week beginner's course starts with 2 or 3 days of training on a small hill where you will learn how to inflate the glider, take off and land. It’s easy and after a short time you will be experiencing your first short flights. By the fourth day you will be flying from Tierra Negra to Las Gonzales, where the altitude difference from top to bottom is 900 meters. The course includes a didactic tandem flight from Tierra Negra with your instructor before you will be ready to do your first big flight alone. In the following days you will fly 3 big solo flights.
  Our school provides all the equipment for training: glider, harness, safety helmet, and radio. You will personally need walking boots, long sleeved shirt, trousers, sunblock, mosquito repellent and water.
Under constant supervision of two instructors, where safety at this early stage is very important, the new pilot is in radio control contact at all times.
  The one week course is a brilliant introduction into the sport and it will be possible to combine the course with some other activities like hiking, mountain biking or a Spanish language course.

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