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Mérida is the capital city of the state which carries the same name, and located as it is in an inner mountain valley between two sections of the Andes (here divided in two well-defined ranges as well as two distinct national parks), it sits at 1,625 meters above sea level. Although generally considered a cold city by Venezuelans, Mérida enjoys a pleasant, mild climate with an average temperature of 19° C.
The city of Mérida has an unhurried and friendly atmosphere. Home to the "Universidad de Los Andes", (the second largest and oldest university in the country, with a student body of around 35,000 originating from all over the country) the city has a palpable academic community. Local artists contribute to a cultured and bohemian air, also offering a wide array of crafts for sale. Mérida is inexpensive and relatively safe by Venezuelan terms. A large number of posadas (inns or guesthouses) and communication centers with economic Internet access are strong points in the city’s infrastructure.



  Mérida sits on a flat plateau or terrace that stretches for 12 kilometers between two mountain rivers; the edge of the terrace dropping abruptly to the rivers below. The historic quarter is at the northeastern end of the plateau, easily recognized by the typical Spanish chessboard layout of narrow one-way streets. The downtown area is quite pleasant for leisurely strolls with a number of “plazas” or city squares serving as rest stops.
Enclosed by mountains, Mérida is arguably Venezuela’s most popular destination among foreign backpackers. It is easily the adventure tourism capital of the country, offering access to and excellent conditions for a range of activities as diverse as mountain climbing, hiking-trekking, paragliding, rafting, mountain biking, and more! Mérida also boasts the world’s highest and longest cable-car system, with a run of 12.6 kilometers from the base station in Mérida called “Barinitas" (1,577 m) to the final station called “Pico Espejo” (4,765 m.) The 3188 meter ascent is made in four stages, with stops in three intermediate stations, “La Montaña" (2436 m), “La Aguada” (3452 m) and “Loma Redonda” (4045 m.)
It is here, in this ideal setting for coordinating your Venezuelan adventures, that we at Fanny Tours & Adventures offer you quality services in outdoor adventures and ecotourism in Mérida and Venezuela. Our goal is to show you the best of Mérida and Venezuela… and excel in our service while we’re at it!

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