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Cara del Indio (4 day excursion)
  Standing out of the door of out office and looking north-east to the Sierra de la Culata National Park mountains, you will see LA CARA DEL INDIO,(the Indian Face).


  Our tour of La Cara del Indio region lasts 4 days. It’s a loop that will pass just behind the big rocks of La Cara del Indio. This is a little-known, but magical hike.
Starting the first day with a jeep drive (30 minutes) to El Manzano Alto, we will hike 4 to 5 hours up hill passing through the cloud forest. After that we will hike to Las Canalejas (water channels that bring water to the city of Merida) and the Cascada de la Luna waterfall. There are stunning mountain scenery to enjoy. We will spend the night camping at El Paramo de los Conejos.
  The second day our hike continues in the paramo region, rich of Frailejones (Espeletia), a typical plant unique to the high Andes with soft leaves belonging to the same family of the Edelweiss from the Alpes. We will pass some nice mountain lagoons, quite good for trout fishing and spend the night in a tent.
  The third day we walk through a nice paramo region behind the Indian Face passin by some more beautiful lakes. At the end of the day we will arrive at Laguna Albarrega and camp for the night close to this lake. The region has a sort of magic aura about it. People believe that gnomes, the small men of the wood, live here.
  The last day we hike downhill passing the paramo region to the cloud forest. On the way we pass two caves, Cueva del Oso and Cueva del Diablo. After 6-7 hours of downhill hiking we arrive in Santa Rosa, where a jeep will be waiting for us to take us back to the city.

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