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Pico Humboldt (4 day excursion)
  Located in the Sierra Nevada National Park with an altitude of 4942 meters above sea level and just a few kilometers away from Pico Bolivar (5007mts), Pico Humboldt is the second highest summit in Venezuela. It’s a round shaped mountain covered by a permanent glacier. The tour of Pico Humboldt is quite popular among high mountain trekkers. It’s a non technical climb eaven though rope, harnesses, carabinas, safety helmets, crampons and ice axes are used all the year round. The trip allows us to enjoy a wide variety of scenery, such as cloud forest on the first day, paramo vegetation between 3200mts and 4200mts, moraines and the glacier field on the peak, in addition to beautiful crystalline rivers and mountains lakes on the way.



   The four day expedition starts at one of the entrance to th Sierra Nevada National Park in a small valley known as La Mucuy (2300 mts). The first day's hike through the cloud forest will take approximately 5 hours, where we will be immersed in abundant vegetation with huge ferns, and bamboo. We camp the night next to Laguna Coromoto (3300 mts).
  The next day it is a 4 hour hike up to Laguna Verde. The scenery is much more open today and we enter the Paramo region with small vegetation and many Frailejones (Espeletia), a typical plant (unique to the high Andes) with white soft leafs, close relative of the Edelweiss of the Alps. We camp next to Laguna Verde (3900mts).
  The third day is the big day! We leave all non-essentials at base camp and we start the climb of Pico Humboldt first passing through valleys, moraines and rocks where once the glacier laid. Soon we arrive at the glacier and we need to wear crampons and use the ice axe. For security the guide will also use the rope to attach us. It is a stiff hike uphill on the glacier until the near-flat section just below the summit. A short 45º rise and here we are!! The top of Pico Humboldt - 4942mts!! Coming down is much easier. We camp again by Laguna Verde.
The last day we hike back down to La Mucuy following the same route we used on the way up.

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