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The most spectaculars places and popular Andean villages with a colonial style, coffee plantations, biological condor station, several different ecosystems, abundant vegetation of the cloudy forest...    and more...

San José - South Villages (2 day excursion)
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This is a mixed tour that involves different adventures (mountain biking, horse riding, paragliding) and a culturally rich visit to several villages in the south region of Merida. We start with a drive through the abundant vegetation of the cloud forest, on the road between Merida and Jaji, where we visit the waterfalls of Las Chorreras de Las Gonzales. We also visit the region of San Juan, Lagunillas, San José and Tierra Negra, one of the best take-off places for paragliding...

Páramo - Black Lake (1 day excursion)
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This is a popular and easy tour that allows you to enjoy a lot of the surrounding sights and countryside in just one day. We visit by jeep the region to the north of Merida. Highlights include the villages of Mucuchies and Apartaderos, as well as the famous stone church at San Rafael de Mucuchies built by the popular local artist Juan Felix Sanchez. We visit the mountain lakes of Laguna Mucubaji and Laguna Negra at an altitude of 3500 mts...

El Tisure  (2 day excursion)

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This is a nice and panoramic tour through the mountains and the magical region of El Tisure, where the famous local artist Juan Felix Sanchez used to live. Juan Felix Sanchez was a naïf artist and built the amazing stone chapel dedicated to the Virgen de Coromoto in San Rafael de Mucuchies. This is a replica of the first one, that was built two decades before in the remote hamlet of El Tisure, just a few hundred meters away from the isolated house where the artist used to live.

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