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Climbing - Fanny Tours & Adventures
We organize climbing tours in the two National Parks surrounding the mountains of Merida: 'Sierra Nevada National Park' and 'Sierra de la Culata National Park'.

Pico Bolívar (5 day excursion)
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In one of the most impressive National Parks of Venezuela, Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada, you will find the highest peak of the Venezuelan Andes, Pico Bolivar with an altitude of 5007 meters above sea level. It is one of the most popular peaks to climb. On the summit you will find a bust of Simon Bolivar, the national hero. It’s a real technical climb, and it requires rope, harnesses, carabinas and security helmet all year round.

Pico Humboldt (4 day excursion)

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Located in Sierra Nevada National Park with an altitude of 4942 meters above sea level and just a few kilometers away from Pico Bolivar (5007mts), Pico Humboldt is the second highest summit in Venezuela. It’s a round shaped mountain covered by a permanent glacier. The tour of Pico Humboldt is quite popular among high mountain trekkers. The trip allows us to enjoy a wide variety of scenery.

Pico Humboldt & Bolívar (6 day excursion)

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The ultimate challenge!! The two highest peaks in the same expedition. This tour lasts 6 days in all. We need two days to approach the base of Pico Humboldt, one day to climb Pico Humboldt, one day to do La Travesia and move from the base of Pico Humboldt to the base of Pico Bolivar, one day to climb Pico Bolivar and the last day to come back. We return back to Merida either by cable car or by a long hike downhill.

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