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Angel Falls - Venezuela
  Excursion to the Angel Falls 2 Nights/3 Days

1st Day
  Welcome at the airport. Departure at 2:00pm from the Canaima Campament for a walking excursion of about 20 minutes to Pueerto Ucaima over the Canaima waterfall. There we will take an indian "curiara" (boat) for a ride through the Carraro River During the journey you will watch the amazonian jungle flora and the famous plateau mountains, the Tepuy, the oldest in geological history. After 20 minutes we will arrive to the Sapo waterfall, 45 mt high and 100 mt wide, wich we will cross from behind. Then we will continue by jeep to the Mayupa Sabana to watch the rapids and the majestic "Auyantepuy". Again a boat ride to the Pozo de la Felicidad to take a refreshing bath. Arrival to Isla Orquidea for overnight in hammocks and dinner with a panoramic view of the Auyantepuy.


2nd Day
  After breakfast, a one hour ride though the Churun River to the Isla Ratoncito, a wonderfull view point to the Salto Angel, the highest waterfall in the world. From there we will start a walking excursion of about one hour to the foot of this magnificent waterfall dropping more than 3000 feet. Time for a bath at the Angel falls lagoon. Lunch at Isla Ratoncito. Back to Isla Orquidea for overnight and dinner.

3rd Day
  After breakfast, ride back to the Canaima Campament. Arrival at 10:00am. Transfer to the Airport.

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